1. Use the Support Ticket System “AKA HELP” for all problems and complaint and any other personal matter that has to do with Spider Jockey. Using the Support Ticket System let us keep the forums and chat and discord clear for positivity and uplifting conversation.

2. Hacks, hacked clients, cheating programs, or any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over another player is a bannable offense. Macros, or things such as a gaming mouse or a gaming keyboard with macro keys are not allowed.

3. Any duplication of items, exploits, bugs, glitches, x-ray texture packs or programs that give you an unfair advantage over another player will result in a punishment, please report any bugs, exploits or glitches to the Support Ticket System.

4. Do not spam the chat or the website or forums. Spam is not repeating something twice, but if you repeat something three times or more it within a short period of time it counts as spam.

5. Advertising is not allowed. Spamming different servers IP in chat or at the website will result in a punishment. You are not allowed to invite people to a different server or talk about a different server. Posting links to websites that are not related with Spider Jockey, also counts as advertising. You are allowed to advertise your Spider Jockey live stream or YouTube channel with Spider Jockey related content, once is enough do not spam your content.

6. Racism, personal threats or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on the Spider Jockey website, forums and server. This includes swearing, racist names, skins, nudity, or pornography. Please respect all other players on the server, any disrespect towards staff-members, donators or regular members are not allowed. Bypassing the chat-filter is not allowed.

7. Impersonation of a staff member or any other member of Spider Jockey is strictly prohibited.

8. You are not allowed to abuse any given powers, this includes commands, perks, features or any permission you have access to through your rank. If you find someone abusing their powers please screenshot it and report it to the Support Ticket System.

9. You are not allowed to bypass a punishment with an alternate account. This includes all types of punishments such as mutes or bans.

10. We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time, without notice.

11. If you believe you have been punished unfairly, please report it to the Support Ticket System.

12. If you have any questions to the rules please ask a staff-member on the Support Ticket System.